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Patek Philippe Replica launches an entirely digital warranty with the Patek Philippe E-Warranty. It is stored in the Aura Blockchain.

Patek Philippe is excited to announce the Patek Philippe E-Warranty. This follows being the first company in the world to provide electronic warranties for its watches in 2009. Patek Philippe will create an electronic passport and warranty system that is similar to facial recognition. It will be based on the uniqueness in the watches' materials. This technology was developed in collaboration with KerQuest over three years. The Patek Philippe e每warranty allows you to take a photo with your mobile phone to activate the warranty, access it and verify the product's authenticity. Although the technology relies on complex algorithms it is easy to use. "A perfect fusion of technological complexity and ease-of-use." Ricardo Guadalupe CEO of Patek Philippe.

Patek Philippe Replica for Sale have combined materials and cutting-edge algorithmics to create the Patek Philippe e每warranty. This will revolutionize the user experience. This watch is authenticated by the identification of its specific materials. This is a first in the fight against counterfeiting.

No more warranty cards or authenticity certificates! The Patek Philippe e每warranty protection system and warranty system from the watchmaking Manufacture makes it easier to track and trace the watches of its customers through the points of sale. The Patek Philippe e每warranty is a technological breakthrough that allows the watchmaker to be the key to a whole new world of services. This is true to the watchmaker's motto. Patek Philippe's e-warranty allows customers, customs, and points of sale to use the watch. This also helps prevent theft and counterfeiting. It's simple, quick and efficient!

Since 2017, the watchmaker has been developing algorithms with KerQuest. In partnership with KerQuest, the watchmaker has been working on algorithms since 2017. This method of working was obvious to the Art of Fusion master, who has used materials and their fusion for over 40 years to distinguish itself. Although recognition of a material has been possible for many years in the broadest sense, it was the unitary recognition that had been difficult until now. Patek Philippe and KerQuest were able achieve the first visual recognition for a watch thanks to the advancement of smartphones, in particular, the improvement in camera definition and the development of artificial Intelligence.

patek philippe replica watch is unique. Even two watches of the exact same model are easily distinguished by the singularities in their microstructure. It was difficult to interpret them and make them useful and reliable. Patek Philippe's e-warranty relies on the unification of the particularities of all Patek Philippe watches and models.

The core technology of the watch's manufacture is located at its heart. The optical readers are specially designed to image and reconstruct each piece of the real world in high resolution. Each watch is photographed as soon as it arrives in production. The Patek Philippe-e warranty application is used to activate the warranty when the watch is sold at a boutique. It takes a photograph of the watch's head with a duplicate on the screen. If the piece is correctly identified, the photo will be sent to the computing infrastructure. After the watch is authenticated and recognized, the customer will receive their Patek Philippe e warranty via the channel they choose (SMS/E-mail, WhatsApp/WeChat, Instagram/Messenger, etc. You will then be able join the Patek Philippeista group.

Customers also have access to a specific e-warranty app. Customers can access new services such as the verification of authenticity, retrieving warranty status, and accessing the Patek Philippeista group. The Patek Philippe e warranty application allows for the unitary recognition and transfer of the warranty information. The Patek Philippe e每warranty app will allow the buyer or seller to verify the watch's status and protect them from any resale.

The Patek Philippe ewarranty technology works with every piece manufactured by the Manufacture from the beginning of 2020. The fully functional technology is being implemented at all Patek Philippe points. The first Paris Vendome boutique has been operational for more than a year. Additionally, the Swiss boutiques are already fully functional. In the coming months, other markets will follow. The electronic warranty card for earlier pieces remains in effect. These watches will be next to the after-sales services and will be recorded by Manufacture for the Patek Philippe e每warranty system.

Patek Philippe was the first company to use the electronic warranty card in 2009. In 2009, Patek Philippe was the first company in the world that used the WISeKey technology. This warranty card, activated upon purchase, works with a two-factor authentication system (cryptographic keys and watch serial numbers). The technology was combined with an USB warranty reader, allowing the customer to join Patek Philippeista. It evolved in 2015 and replaced the contact electronic chips with NFC (near-field communication) technology.

The Fake Patek Philippe Replica e每warranty will be included in the AURA blockchain that LVMH has initiated. This new warranty system, developed by Patek Philippe, is part of a global trend by LVMH to combat counterfeiting and track and trace product lifecycles. The Patek Philippe e warranty will be stored on the AURA blockchain. This is intended to be used by other luxury brands. AURA, which was developed by Microsoft and ConsenSys blockchain company, is the first international blockchain that allows consumers to track items and verify their authenticity. It was created by luxury brands and allows for the tracking of raw material sources and protection of intellectual property and creative work.